Geek Syndicate: Boat Elevator Pitch

August 23, 2016 7:47 pm   Published by

The Geek Syndicate website is a fantastic place to go and get immersed in Comics, films games and podcasts. Run by the fantastic team of Barry Nugent & David Monteith. If you are a fan of all aspects of Geek life then you should head on over there, definitely check out there podcast! It’s brilliant.

I recently contacted Barry and supplied a Elevator Pitch to them for Boat, it was a great exercise and something i think all creators film or comics should try or at least practice, the idea of selling your idea in 30 seconds, conveying your story in a short period of time, making a passer by instantly stop and want to pick up your title its a valuable tool to have. I realised from submitting that my pitch needed some work!

I think it’s important to keep pushing yourself and getting as much feedback on your story and your description as possible, the more criticism the better, thats the best way to learn and get better. So big thanks to the guys at Geek-syndicate really appreciate you featuring our book on your site!

Check out the Elevator Pitch 

Definitely check out Barrys work (Unseen Shadows) too, its immense! Do it!!

You can pick up Boat V1 & V2 at Blackwell Books & Forbidden Planet in Edinburgh

or digitally at Comixology or online at my comic shop

Thanks guys