The water came and the cities fell

They were alone

The world is covered with water, Charlie is restricted to his boat searching for a home he may never find. Plagued by memories, nightmares and hallucinations. Will he be able to survive in this new world and find peace.



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Boat to Screen @ ASFF 2016

We are very happy to have been selected for the Bafta Accredited Aesthetica Short Film Festival in November. Boat will be screening in the Drama ca...


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Review: Geek Retreat- Volume 1

'Boat is easily one of the most engaging and powerful stories I have read in a long time' - GeekRetreat Dominic Kelly from reviewed...

Boat_34 Review: Volume 1

'This really is that well written a story...I was engrossed with this tale from cover to cover' - Colin Noble of re...